Customer Relationship Management

Meaningful connections with customers

We work alongside your marketing organization to create complete solutions that bring your customer relationship objectives to life and enable you to foster authentic and meaningful connections with your customers. Our technology solutions draw on CRM software, business analytics, and “social listening” to help you gain deeper insights into your customers’ behavior and develop highly personalized CRM campaigns.

Evaluating a CRM platform — asking the right questions

The CRM technology landscape offers a broad range of options ranging from:

  • Open-source CRM applications
  • Commercial mid-market software
  • Enterprise-level CRM systems
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • On-premise applications

Which one’s the right one for you? Where do you start? With our comprehensive Platform Evaluation Framework, we help you select the right solution that meets your unique business requirements.

Delivering the right technology

We have vetted many CRM technology platforms and we specialize in those that provide the strongest advantages to our clients.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • We implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – online or on-premise
  • We build complete CRM solutions that are integrated across Microsoft’s productivity applications to streamline internal processes which are familiar to your employees
  • With Microsoft Dynamics xRM, we extend the power of the CRM platform to create custom applications that integrate with external systems and are tailored to your precise requirements
  • We migrate data and processes from other CRM systems and earlier versions of Dynamics CRM to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013


Our Salesforce services are designed to help your teams leverage the power of the Salesforce platform effectively. With our proven methodology, we identify your business objectives and technology requirements to build a customized solution that gets you up and running quickly. With custom applications on, we extend the functionality further to take full advantage of the cloud platform and to integrate with third-party systems and data stores.