Business Intelligence & Analytics

According to the IDC study, the digital universe is doubling in size every two years. To be competitive, businesses need to harness the power stored in the Big Data to transform the organization, discover new opportunities and solve business problems. The trend in Business Intelligence (BI) is moving from the IT-centric approach toward the self-service people-centric model by empowering business users while lowering IT cost of ownership. Wherever you’re in the technology continuum, we can help.



Scalable BI Solutions

Our BI Service can help you get off the ground quickly and architect a scalable business intelligence foundation for your organization to grow and expand. Let us help you:

  • Build an elastic and scalable enterprise BI and data solution that allows you to scale up and scale out in order to meet the rapid data growth and consumption needs of your organization
  • Build data stores, data marts and data warehouse that combine and transform data from various enterprise systems and external data sources
  • Build enterprise dashboards and reports and make them available to your knowledge workers through enterprise portals and tools that are familiar to them


Self Service BI Solutions

Power BI

Through our BI service, we build a self-service BI solution for your organization by leveraging existing analytical tools that users are familiar with such as Excel and PowerBI. While IT compliant, business users can be empowered to create visually appealing reports and dashboards and disseminate them to the right people at the right time.



BI implementation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We help you conduct prove of concept, assist in building core data models, create queries and reports that can be extended, and train your end-users to be self-sufficient.


Cloud Solution

We help you migrate your existing BI solutions to the cloud and enable your organization to leverage the scalability and maintainability of the cloud services. While coupled with collaboration tools, BI solutions in the cloud can allow access to real time data across the organization any time anywhere from any platform – browser, mobile, desktop, iPad.



We enable your organization to rapidly realize the return on investment of your BI strategy through an agile user-centric approach that allows for iterative continuous delivery and user feedback. Our typical BI process include the following steps:


  • Define business objectives, information strategy and BI governance
  • Discover data and build data sets
  • Implement the most appropriate tools and techniques
  • Proof of concept – mockups and prototypes
  • Build and publish queries, reports and dashboards
  • Train and empower users
  • Measure, refine, improve and grow