Amazon Web Services

AWS is a leader of cloud infrastructure and services. We assist in evaluating and moving IT operations into AWS, whether a solution calls for a hybrid or a complete approach to migrating Applications, Web, Storage, Computing, or DNS services into the cloud. We enable you to reduce operating costs and maximize ROI by determining the best approach to the cloud migration of servers (physical and virtual) and applications.

Our expertise

  • Building development, QA, staging and production environments
  • Integrating on-premise and cloud applications
  • On-premise application migration to the cloud
  • Data center consolidation and migration
  • Content Delivery (CDN)
  • Service monitoring and management solutions
  • Determining if a custom solution is appropriate

A partner for success

We help our customers avoid common pitfalls in cloud adoption by:
•Eliminating redundant utilization of on-premise applications and infrastructure
•Optimizing elasticity and sizing
•Avoiding security design flaws
•Understanding application limitations (licensing, scaling, and infrastructure design)
•Ensuring legal and compliance requirements (HIPAA, PCI, etc.)